Renaissance Reading

Renaissance Reading is a structured online reading programme that enbles the school to closely monitor and evaluate student’s reading. All students in Key Stage 3 read three times a week during Academic Tutoring (AcTu) and reading for pleasure at home is encouraged. The Stourport High School and VIth Form college is a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for Renaissance Reading and we pride ourselves on a commitment as a whole school to maximize the reading potential of each individual student. Encouraging students to be independent and confident readers helps them achieve their full potential in subjects.

Throughout the year student’s progress is assessed bu their Additional Learning Facility (ALF) team, their Tutor and their English Teacher to ensure they are continually progressing. ALF has a wide range of Renaissance Reading books and its ever evolving fiction library is full of exciting new authors as well as old favourites.

ALF additionally stocks topic books, magazines and fun books to browse and also regularly holds quizzes, competitions and author events to further engage the students and promote a real love of reading. Inspirational visits from authors have a huge impact on reading and we have been very fortumate to have hosted Charlie Higson, Jason Bradbury, Lucy Hawking, Jospeh Delaney, Paul Dowswell, Andy McNab, Jonathan Stroud, Jo Cotterill, Robert Rigby, Joanne Harris, Simon Mayo, Cath Cassidy and most recently John Boyne and Teri Terry.

The ALF team are on hand from 8.00am – 5.00pm daily to offer expert advice and friendly guidance to students. ALF also runs reward schemes to help motivate students to read regularly including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Renaissance Reading Certificates as well as inter-tutor and individual trophies which are presented each term. ALF also has a Millionaires Club for all those students who have read a million words or more. Students are presented with a certificate in assembly every time they reach the milestone of a million words.

At Home:

Parents and Careers can follow through their son/daugther’s Renaissance Road to Success through a special feature called Renaissance Home Connect. Parents / Carer will receive a personal letter detailing their username and password to enable them to access the website and monitor their son/daughter’s progress.

We truly value parents/carers support and by working together we can really make a difference to our students reading and learning.

Rapid Plus Reading

Rapid Plus Reading is a reading scheme for secondary school students that often struggle with independent reading. It has been carefully levelled to provide texts that aid motivation to ensure success in reading. The programme provides students with a positive reading experience to emphasise the purpose and enjoyment of reading as well as the skills required to make progress.

Following initial reading assessments which will take place in the Literacy Learning Centre (LLC), Rapid Plus will be available to students in KS3 and KS4. Students access the programme during allocated lessons in the LLC and during Academic Tutoring (AcTu). The books are of age-related interest, visually appealing and finely levelled to match the student’s reading age. The number of different words introduced in each text is restricted so that students are not faced with words they do not recognise. We carefully monitor the use of this programme so that students experience success and read with fluency.

The Rapid Plus Reading Programme has additional software to help students develop their independent reading skills, it includes eBook versions of all texts. The ‘Read to me’ feature allows students to hear the text being read aloud and this provides a model of fluent reading. Students can click on any individual word and hear the word read to them. There is also a quiz at the end of each part. These activities allow us to check their understanding of the text and to develop their word knowledge and spelling skills. Students can win points for their College through taking the quizzes.

At Home:

We think that it is important for you to know that your son / daughter is reading and how well they are progressing. The eBooks are available online and can be accessed from home. You can see the books that your son/daughter has read and their scores in the associated quizzes. The partnership is an important way of encouraging your son/daughter to enjoy reading and to reach their full potential.