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CURRICULUM – Key Stage 5 – Years 12 & 13

At Key Stage 5 students choose the most academic pathway in which they will be most successful in their A-levels and vocational courses.

* Students’ pathways are designed to allow the greatest opportunity to attend students’ first choice university or preferred apprenticeship.

* The curriculum continues to be taught by promoting the mastery of knowledge through interleaving and regular formative assessment. At Key Stage 5 teaching also focuses on the development and mastery of applying knowledge to a broad range of contexts.

* All courses at Key Stage 5 are challenging and rigorous following and extending the awarding bodies’ specifications.

* Students are offered high quality enrichment that is designed to prepare students for future pathways, broaden their horizons and enhance their academic programme of study.

* Students’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development is promoted through the 6th form SMSC, SRE, tutorial, assembly and enrichment programme.

* The majority of courses at Key Stage 5 are now reformed. This means that students will sit terminal exams at the end of Y13.

* Study programmes require students that do not have a GCSE 9-4+ in English or maths to work towards the achievement of these qualifications.

* Programmes also include work experience and other non-qualification activity to develop students’ personal skills and prepare them for employment, training or higher/further education.

The timetable for Key Stage 5 is based on a two-week cycle with 6 fifty minute lessons per day.


We make great efforts to ensure that you embark on courses that most accurately match your ability, qualifications and aspirations. Typically, students will choose 3 A levels or equivalent which they will study over two years.

You will be expected to resit GCSE English and Mathematics if you do not achieve a grade 4 or above.

Pathways to Success

A Levels Vocational Combination
Studying A Levels: Students following an A level pathway will typically study 3 A levels with the additional opportunity to study for the Extended Project Qualification or Level 3 Core Maths Certificate

Studying Level 3 Applied General or Technical qualifications (single, double and triple awards are available).

Studying a combination of A level and vocational qualifications. 

Academic Guidelines: We make great efforts to ensure that you embark on courses that most accurately match your ability, qualifications and aspirations.  Typically, students will choose 3 A Levels or equivalent which they will study over two years.

Reform of Vocational Qualifications: Vocational qualifications continue to be highly valued by employers and universities and we continue to offer a range of Level 3 Applied General and technical qualifications that equip students with transferable knowledge and skills.  Reformed vocational courses will involve a greater component of external assessment:

  • National Extended Certificate (single award) equivalent to 1 A Level
  • National Diploma (double award) equivalent to 2 A Levels

Student Wider Reading List 2019/20

We try to encourage all of our students to read about the subjects they are studying.  Here is the full list of this year’s suggested titles.  If you have any of these books at home and would like to donate them, please get in touch by email to or hand them in to reception for the attention of Mrs J Millington.

Stourport VIth Form Wider Reading List