VIᵗʰ Form

VIᵗʰ Form Life

Entering VIth Form represents far more than simply choosing to further your education. This exciting part of your life marks some of the first choices you will make as an adult and it is important that your learning environment recognises and respects your independence.

At The Stourport High School and VIth Form College we not only aim to support you in your choices but to also provide an infrastructure that provides the right level of guidance that will enable your full potential to be reached.

The VIth Form provides a college feel within an outstanding high school, and students enjoy the more mature and self-reliant atmosphere it creates. Each student receives an outstanding learning experience, combining a high level of academic success with the opportunity to develop skills, character and individuality.

Brand new VIth Form building September 2017

We are delighted to have secured over £3 million from the government to build a brand new state-of-the-art VIth Form centre, opening to students from Stourport and the surrounding area in September 2017. You will benefit from amazing new science labs, ICT and performance spaces alongside first class social, dining and study spaces. We are excited by the developments and look forward to the already high quality of our Post 16 curriculum and teaching being matched by outstanding facilities.

Our new building will support the highest standard of modern technology to maximise all learning opportunities. Moreover, mobile technology will continue to be used within lessons to provide innovative learning support and independence.

Outstanding facilities

All VIth Form students benefit from the fantastic facilities within the school including a new sports hall, fully equipped fitness gym, athletics track, all-weather pitches, netball dome and music recording studio.  You can use these facilities as part of your enrichment activities.

Supervised study

A dedicated silent study area is staffed throughout each day with expert support on hand to provide guidance, motivation and inspiration to help you fulfil your potential.

Exciting social scene

An eventful and exciting social scene is enjoyed by all students, and you will have the opportunity to play a significant role in deciding and organising social events. Our annual May Ball and summer visit to London are highlights in the school calendar. A wide variety of competitive and recreational sports are on offer plus the chance to take part in school productions, music events and a whole host of enrichment activities. Each year a large percentage of VIth Formers travel abroad on a range of international visits; recent destinations have included the United Nations, CERN in Geneva, skiing in USA and a cultural visit to Japan.

We are sure that you will enjoy a personal experience where friendliness and support is teamed with challenge and high expectations. Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information. We’d love to meet you in person to offer advice or answer any queries for you.