VIᵗʰ Form



We recognise that it is crucial that students entering the VIth Form make a positive start and adjust to the demands of Post 16 study quickly. Our rigorous induction programme helps you to determine as early as possible the correct combination of subjects for you.

In June, Year 11 students spend two days in the VIth Form experiencing taster lessons to help you, and us, assess your suitability for courses.

An independent study task, for completion over the summer holiday, is set to engage the brain and to enable you to ‘hit the ground running’ when you begin your Post 16 studies. As new Year 12 students, the first three weeks in September will provide sufficient time to make final decisions about appropriate courses of study before it’s time to immerse yourself in your chosen subjects. A review of skills and performance helps you to recognise your strengths and areas for improvement and enables us to supply the support you need. Decisions about course suitability and course changes must be made by the last Friday in September 2020.

To download The Stourport High School VIth Form application form, please click here:  Application Form 2020

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