GCSEs: Students and staff celebrated an excellent set of GCSE results with many outstanding individual successes this summer.  Students’ scores were on average 1/3 grade up across the board compared with 2015 and those reaching the gold standard of at least five top A*-C grades including English and Mathematics was again well above the national average and other students across the country.   Students made excellent progress across a range of academic qualifications that meant that every student gained a top A*-C grade including a groudscn2470p of 6 students that achieved the very highest A** grade in Further Mathematics.

Executive Principal Chris King said:

“I am delighted that students have again gained a fantastic set of academic results and been rewarded for their hard work and effort.  Congratulations to all our students for their hard work and to our staff, parents and carers for the support they gave our students in ensuring they gained their best possible grades.  There are many outstanding individual achievements, with a huge number of students achieving the highest A* grades, showing what can be achieved through dedication, commitment and maximum effort.  We look forward to our students continuing their success with us now as they move onto ‘A’ level courses in our sixth form college.”

Year 10 – a selection of our exceptional performers who have completed several GCSEs at the end of Year 10 (there are many more):

Elsie Cole 2 x A*, 1 x B Alex Calder 2 x A, 1 x B
Tamara Ivancova 2 x A*, 1 x B Nathan Farmer 1 x A*, 2 x B
Georgina Knott 1 x A*, 2 x A Vicky Harvey 2 x A, 1 x B
Abbie Rowley 1 x A*, 1 x A, 1 x B Hannah law 1 x A*, 1 x A, 1 x C
Lucy Blount 1 x A*, 2 x B Jessica McPhee 2 x A, 1 x B

A LEVELS: Students at Stourport High celebrated an excellent set of ‘A’ Level results in August 2016 with the vast majority of students achieving grades at or above expectation.  Once again, almost all students wishing to go to university secured their first choice places at a variety of universities.  Point scores for students are significantly up on last year, which is a tremendous achievement, thus enabling students to gain places at some of the top universities in the country including the prestigious Russell Group.   Those students following vocational courses achieved particularly well with 65% of all entries securing Distinction and Distinction* grades.img_5764

Executive Principal Chris King said: “I am extremely proud that our students have secured some amazing results to enable them to move on to the next phase in their lives, either at university or in employment. I wish all leavers a successful future and look forward to celebrating with them at our Outstanding Achievement Awards Evening in September.”              

Year 11 – a selection of our exceptional performers (there are many more):

Jake Shapter 11 x A*; 1 x B Megan Shaw 8 x A* (1 x A**); 4 x A
Anjani Bhardwaj 9 x A*; 4 x A; 1 x B Daniel Griffiths 6 x A* (1 x A**); 6 x A; 1 x B
Kristina Ivancova 9 x A* ( 1 x A**); 3 x A Luke Perks 6 x A* (1 x A**); 3 x A; 2 x B; 1 x C
Aimee Johnson 8 x A*; 4 x A; 1 x C Ryan Harper 6 x A* (1 x A**); 5 x B; 1 x C
Phoebe Francis 8 x A* (1  x A**); 4 x A Georgia Howard 4 x A*; 8 x A
Kerstin Ballard 8 x A; 1 x Distinction;

1 x B

Hugh Badger 4 x A*; 4 x A; 3 x B;

1 x C


 Year 12 – a selection of our exceptional performers and their subjects:

Lexie Palmer 4 x A Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths
Millie Thomas 2 x A, 2 x Distinction Business, Psychology, Health & Social Care
Matthew Stepney 3 x A, 1 x B Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Physics
Chloe Phillips 2 x A, 1 x B Business, Statistics, Psychology
Harry Bambury 2 x A, 1 x C Business, History, Philosophy
Lucy Clayton 1 x A, 2 x B Business, Maths, Further Maths
Josh Houghton 1 x A, 2 x B Biology, Chemistry, Psychology
Adam Mallinson 1 x A, 2 x B Business, Geography, Physics

 Year 13 – a selection of leavers and their varied destinations (92% were offered places at their first choice degree course):

Alex Mapp A*A*A* Chemical Engineering University of Bath
Ben Cross A*A*A Economics University of Bath
Sophie Turbutt A*AB History University of York
Emily Rollins AAB Psychology Aberystwyth University
Kiera Harrison S*S*S*B Midwifery Middlesex University
Indy Bourne S*S*A Social work University of Gloucestershire
Lewis Johnson A*AB Pharmacy University of Portsmouth
Anna Schorfield ABB Biomedical Science University of Warwick
Niall Allen ABB Civil Engineering Loughborough University
Sam Bird ABB Chemical Engineering Newcastle University

Key Stage 4 unvalidated results for 2016

  • Progress 8 score = -0.06
  • Attainment 8 score = 50.78
  • % of students who got a good pass in English and Mathematics = 61%
  • % of students achieving the English Baccalaureate = 22%

If you have any questions relating to your son/daughter’s examinations dates, timetables, results or revision, please contact our Examinations Officer by email to:

Year 11 Examination Results Collection 2017 

** GCSE Results Day is Thursday 24 August 2017 **

** A Level Results Day is Thursday 17 August 2017 **