Key Stage 3 Careers

In KS3 it is really important that students start to explore, investigate and understand the opportunities and experiences that the world of work has to offer. Developing an awareness and understanding of what options are available enables students to explore the range of careers available and identify possible future options for themselves. A key part of these investigations is for students to consider the future of certain jobs and the rapidly changing labour market.

Students are encouraged to research careers using the following websites:

Careers opportunities available to students in KS3 include:

  • Careers exploration workshops – Careers workshop using our careers platform, Unifrog.  Students use the platform to explore their interests, skills and the range opportunities available to them. They are then encouraged to consider how these are relevant to their options.
  • Subject visits and events – We encourage any student to reflect on trips and visits thinking about what they saw and experienced and how this may have improved employability skills as well as knowledge and understanding about possible careers choices (all year round)
  • Careers Assemblies – Assemblies regarding Careers will be timetabled in to cover concepts such as; breaking stereotypes, LMI and raising aspirations.
  • AcTU/SMSC programme – Tutor time within KS3 will have dedicated sessions regarding Careers, including transferable skills, thinking ahead, career pathways.
  • Opening Doors to Business – In Y9 all students will take part in the Opening Doors to Business Program, which links local businesses to schools and allows students the opportunity to visit local businesses to see what the world of work is really like.

At the end of Y9 students make some choices about what they are going to study for the Level 2 qualifications – BTEC/GCSEs. Some important considerations that young people need to make are:

  • What subjects do you enjoy?
  • What kinds of qualifications will you get once you complete the course?
  • What are your career aspirations and what subjects may link to this?

If you need help with the last question in particular, please contact us in Careers.