In today’s world, providing guidance on navigating the complexities of modern life is perhaps more pertinent than ever. At no point in history has our access to information and diverse opinion been so readily available and as societies across the world become increasingly globalised, so must our thinking and teaching evolve accordingly.

With this comes an increased responsibility to help our young people form their own ideas that have sound foundations in fairness, fact and tolerance. 

Stourport High School’s Statement of British Values

At SHS we seek to promote values which are at the same time universal and local. The universal values link us to people around the world who seek to be good citizens, free and respectful members of their communities, supportive of each other and observant of shared moral codes. The institutions which promote these values are of course distinct to their locality, their time and their national setting. At SHS, whilst fostering an open and global outlook, we seek to engage our students fully with the democratic, legal and cultural institutions and practices which are distinctively British in character. These include:

• A familiarity with the workings of the UK parliamentary system, functions of local and district councils, the importance of voting, the mechanisms of representation and the checks and balances that form our ancient, but evolving democracy.

• An understanding of the rule of law and the roles of the judiciary, magistrates, lawyers and juries.

• Support for plurality of opinions and the need for freedom of expression.

• An appreciation of and respect for diversity in faith, opinion and sexuality.

• A pursuit of fairness in our dealings with others, on a personal and an institutional level.

• Promotion of civic responsibility and participation in community life.

• Support for those who cannot easily support themselves for a range of reasons, or those struck by disaster.

• An appreciation of the cultural traditions and canon of work (musical, visual, dramatic, intellectual and sporting) that make up the sum of British culture and a commitment to promote access to the wealth of these traditions.

We believe that by systematically ensuring that that these values inform our practice as a school and our behaviour as individuals we will and do promote a positive citizenship, a sound basis for learning and increased life chances.

Our educational programme covers a broad variety of issues that range from the personal such as mental health, relationships and bullying to awareness of societal topics such as religion, racism and gang violence. These themes are sensitively covered at a level that is appropriate to individual year groups.

Full details of this year’s SHS SRE & SMSC Summary 2017-18. For further information please email

Dates for SMSC Days:

Day 1     Monday 16 October 2017

Day 2     Wednesday 22 November 2017

Day 3     Friday 16 February 2018

Day 4     Tuesday 26 June 2018


Sexual Relationship Education (SRE) Sessions will be held during Period 1 of the following days:

Thursday 5 October 2017

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Friday 12 January 2018

Monday 5 March 2018

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Thursday 6 July 2018