In keeping with a philosophy of offering a broad and well-rounded educational experience, our established and thriving music department is able to offer a broad range of instrumental tuition starting from £6.50 per session.

Whether it’s the more popular route of guitar tuition, to bass clarinet and oboe, we can cater for each instrument and learner.  We have a mixture of County teachers and privately employed teachers to ensure we get the best tuition for our learners.  To support this, we offer a series of enrichments to enhance the playing of the learners in group situations.  

If you would like your son/daughter to receive music lessons, then please download the music tuition enrolment form and return to us.  The finance department will send you the most up to date invoice for the rest of the year.  If you need any more information, please contact Mr Bennett by email

In order for lessons to run smoothly, we would like to emphasise the following points:

  • Instrumental lessons are provided by highly trained peripatetic teachers who visit the school once per week.  We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic team. 
  • We offer tuition in a variety of instruments – please ask for details.

Download this year’s information letter and the Enrolment Form:

Worcestershire Youth Music 2017 – 2018 – Music Tuition Enrolment Form (inc Parent Contract) – September 2017

Worcestershire Youth Music 2017-18 – Peripatetic Lessons