At Key Stage 4 all our students study the core academic subjects at GCSE including English, English Literature, mathematics, sciences (combined or separate awards) and non-examined PE, SMSC and SRE. They then make choices from history, geography or a modern foreign language plus one free GCSE/VCERT/BTEC option. Achieving good passes in these subjects keep students’ options open, and allows them to enter post 16 studies.

* At Key Stage 4 students study a minimum of eight subjects comprising of the core academic and option subjects. This is both academically challenging as well as offering a wide breadth of study.

* All courses at Key Stage 4 are challenging and rigorous following, and extending on, the awarding bodies’ specifications.

Science Practical at Stourport High School

Science Practical at Stourport High School

* Students are appropriately guided to whether they study combined science or separate science based upon prior attainment. Both science pathways are delivered within the allocated core lesson time.

* Students are set in ability groups in the following subjects: Mathematics, English, science and PE. In all other subjects students will be in mixed ability option groups.

* The curriculum continues to be taught by promoting the mastery of knowledge through interleaving and regular formative assessment. At Key Stage 4 teaching also focuses on applying that knowledge to a range of contexts.

* SMSC and SRE teaching (offered through specialist drop down days) continues to promote students’ social, moral and cultural development.

* Students’ spiritual development and understanding of British values and culture is delivered through social studies, SMSC, assemblies and tutorials.

* The enrichment and extra-curricular programme continues to enrich students learning, opening opportunities to experiences that broaden students’ horizons. The programme also includes impartial careers advice, GCSE support and exam preparation in Year 11.

The timetable for Key Stage 4 is based on a two-week cycle and comprises of a 25 period week with 5 periods per day.

Each  period lasts one hour and lessons are in single periods however, this is changing for the 2018-19 academic year.

The timetable will continue to be based on a two-week cycle and will comprise of 30 periods a week with 6 fifty minute lessons per day. These will be a blend of single and double periods.

In addition to the core subjects there will be opportunities to learn and put into practice the knowledge and skills related to work related learning and enterprise. These will take place across the curriculum within different subjects and activities. They provide students with an experience of working life and help them learn about working practices, the work environment and developing skills for working life. As a school we feel work experience is an essential aspect of students’ development and aim to support them in an ever increasing competitive world of work. We strongly support and encourage our students to broaden horizons and pursue their dreams. Consequently, all Year 10 students have a week of work experience during the summer term.

Our school focuses on equipping students with the skills and qualifications needed to support them in continuing their education journey post 16 in order to avoid NEETs.

KS4 GCSE Guided Choices
Art Drama
Physical Education Dance
Statistics Graphics
Geography Resistant Materials
History Catering
Business Music
KS4 BTEC Guided Choices
Art and Design Sport
Health & Social Care Music Technology
Performing Arts – Acting Business
Post 16 Level 3 Subjects On Offer
Art Biology
Business Chemistry
Drama / Theatre Studies Computer Science
English Literature English Language / Literature
Film Studies French
Further Maths German
Geography History
Health & Social Care Hospitality & Catering
Media Studies Music
Music Technology Performing Arts
Philosophy & Ethics Physical Education
Physics Psychology
Public Services Sociology
Spanish Sport

Please contact Sarah Forbes, Vice Principal to find out more information about our curriculum.