At Key Stage 3 we provide a broad curriculum that is explicitly aligned with the National Curriculum and designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding in a range of 15 subjects. Our aim for the Key Stage 3 curriculum is to ensure that:

* Subjects build upon Key Stage 2 knowledge, applying key content in a variety of contexts in collaboration with our Primary partners.

* Key knowledge and concepts are interleaved: content is spaced and reviewed throughout the year to ensure mastery.

* Assessment is regular and formative.

* The subject content is challenging and engaging.

* Literacy is a focus across the curriculum, promoted in all subjects as well as during reading lessons and tutorials.

* Students are taught in form groups for the majority of their subjects: ICT, art, music, drama, design technology, food, geography, history, social studies, Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education (SMSC) and sex and relationships (SRE). Form groups are mixed ability.

* English, mathematics, science and modern foreign languages set their classes at Key Stage 3.

* The SMSC and SRE programmes are designed to develop students’ social, moral and cultural development as well as understanding British values and culture.

* Students’ spiritual development is delivered through Social studies, SMSC and the academic tutoring and assembly programmes

* The vast majority of courses complete the Key Stage 3 curriculum at the end of Year 8. All subjects start their GCSE and vocational courses at the beginning of Year 9.

* The extra-curricular programme enriches students learning, opening opportunities to experiences that broaden students’ horizons.


The timetable for Key Stage 3 is based on a two-week cycle and comprises of 30 periods a week with 6 fifty minute lessons per day. These will be a blend of single and double periods.


Year 8 students complete their Key Stage 3 courses and express a preference about which Key Stage 4 courses they will study in Years 9, 10 and 11. Students consider which subjects they would like to study based on their preferred way of learning, interests, ability and future aspirations. Students and parents/carers are given clear information, advice and guidance throughout the options process. Teachers and tutors are supportive in guiding students onto pathways that maximise students’ chances of success.

Click the links below to access our Key Stage 3 Curriculum Booklets:

Year 7 Curriculum Booklet SEP2019 HFD

Year 8 Curriculum Booklet SEP2019 HFD

Please click on the links below to view our curriculum booklets for Key Stage 3