Mutual Respect and Responsibility

  • As students mature they must develop personally to manage friendships and deescalating disagreement.

Happy and Safe Learning Community

  • Everyone is entitled to feel safe and happy in school, in our KS3 curriculum we aim to develop an enjoyment of learning within and beyond the subjects they study.

Ready for lifelong learning

  • Students will be trained to become independent learner in order to acquire new knowledge, skills and understanding.
  • Our curriculum is authentic, with links to the community, the world of work and global society.

Unlocking Potential

  • Our broad KS3 curriculum is balanced to provide students with a secure intercurricular knowledge base.
  • We believe all students should access the same basic entitlement of knowledge and are supported to access the whole curriculum.
  • Students will develop their knowledge and understanding in the context of subjects. Where opportunities arise subjects will work together to interlink the development of knowledge.

Opportunities for success

  • Every student needs to find their own opportunities for success in the classroom and beyond. This is supported by achievement promotion.
  • Students will develop a sense of aspiration, understanding the choices they will make for their future.

Active Voice

  • An element of the SMSC curriculum is dedicated to engaging in democracy in school.

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