Work Experience for Years 10 & 12

The process and the purpose

Work experience is an opportunity for Year 10 and 12 students to get out into the local and wider community to learn, understand and appreciate how a workplace that is of interest to them operates successfully.

It is important pupils made a purposeful choice about their work experience. They should consider:

1) How the work placement will give them insight into a career them may be considering

2) How the work experience will stand them in good stead when making post-16 applications should they be considering certain apprenticeships or college courses

3) Daily transport to and from the work placement

Pupils have the opportunity to arrange their own work experience placement that works for them.  We encourage students to leave their comfort zone.  A placement should not be the most convenient, but it should be the most worthwhile for the individual.

Click the link below for a copy  to the application form that is given to all students

Parent work experience information Booklet

Student Placement Form SHS

Employer Confirmation Sheet

Advice for Parents

To help arrange a truly worthwhile placement, organisation is highly important.  A lot of workplaces will take a single student per week on a placement, so getting placed early is a key component to a successful placement that is of real value to our students.

We encourage all students to organise their own placements in preparation for the work experience week at the end of  July.  The most competitive placements that are filled early tend to be in hospitals, vets, lawyers and accountants.

Should your son/daughter not be placed by Easter we will try to direct them to possible potential employers that may be willing to take them on.

Useful websites

An article which gives advice about finding your own work experience placement.



Explains why work experience is a vital step when entering the world of work and how you can find suitable placements.


which offers online support for young people aged 11-19 via text/email, a free phone telephone advice line, web chat and on their website.











Example Placements

Listed are just some of the various types of workplaces our pupils have visited in the most recent work experience week.