Who to Contact

The Stourport High School & VIth Form College has an experienced advisor, who meets with students both in groups and one to one, offering advice and guidance. As a school we offer impartial (independent) information, advice and guidance for 12-19 years olds with regards to education, employment and training opportunities. Career Guidance is targeted at ‘key transition’ points with learners on a one to one basis helping to raise aspirations, build confidence and enhance decision making skills concerning future options.

Our Careers Advisor is available in school every day and is contactable by students and parents at careers@shs.saet.co.uk

Appointments for careers & guidance meetings, or to request information on subjects/courses/careers, can be made by visiting the careers room in ALF. Parents evenings from Year 9 onwards the Careers Advisor will be present and appointments can be booked via the parents’ evening booking system or emailing careers@shs.saet.co.uk

Education or training providers who wish to gain access to pupils at the school for the purposes of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer should contact the school Careers Leader  Mrs Jane Millington – jmillington@shs.saet.co.uk.

Work Experience Co-ordinator: Helen Harrod – careers@shs.saet.co.uk