Statement of Entitlement

As a pupil of The Stourport High School and VIth Form College you are entitled to receive a programme of careers education, advice, information and guidance.

Your CEG programme will help you to:

  • Understand yourself, your interests, likes and dislikes, what you are good at and how this affects the choices you make
  • Find out about different courses, what qualifications you might need and what opportunities there might be
  • Develop the skills you may need for working life
  • Make realistic, but ambitious, choices about courses and jobs
  • Develop a plan of action for the future
  • Understand the different routes after Year 11 including training, further and higher education and jobs
  • Be able to make effective applications for jobs, training and further and higher education
  • Develop your interview skills
  • Improve your confidence

You will receive:

  • Careers lessons on SMSC days
  • Guided activities in ACTU
  • Access to the careers library – information is available in books, videos, leaflets, school website and on computer – ask for help
  • Interviews with the schools Careers Advisors
  • Work experience in Years 10 and 12
  • Other subject lessons linked to careers

You can expect to be:

  • Treated equally with others
  • Given careers information and advice that is up to date and impartial
  • Treated with respect by visitors to the school who are part of the careers programme
  • Given extra help if you have special needs