Post 16 Pathways – Academic Route – A Level

Reasons to take A-Levels

  • Study subjects you enjoy or are interested in much greater depth
  • Allow you to have a great base in a subject prior to studying at university
  • They are a must if you are going into certain professions such as law, medicine, dentistry and vetrinary science
  • University graduates tend to have better earning potential especially graduates from Russell Group Universities
  • Gives a chance to develop as an independent learner
  • Allow you to try new subjects that you may not have studied previously at school
  • Can take subjects that are well linked and complement each other
  • Lots of opportunities to study A-levels are available locally

 Application Procedure

A-level courses last two years and tend to be subjects that you have achieved well in at GCSE level.  Different sixth forms and colleges have different entry requirements depending upon the subject and college you apply for. You normally need to have at least five GCSEs at grades 5 to 9 (or an equivalent qualification). Most A Level providers require at least a grade 6 in any specific subjects you want to study. Although some will accept Grade 5s.

Details about VIth Form and College can be found below:

Local A-Level Providers: