Beyond the classroom


In the spirit of teamwork and working collaboratively, The Stourport High School and VIth Form operates a ‘College’ system across the whole school. Similar to the House system, students will become a member of one of the four Colleges and will belong to that College for their time at the school. 

The College names were chosen by students from the names of the fallen heroes who are recorded on our Remembrance Board in the Large Hall.  The students chose the surnames of Frederick Glover, George Randle, Alfred York and William Bridgford to be the representative names of their Colleges.

Students compete in their tutor groups as a College in various competitions throughout the school week, in all subjects, as well as special challenges.  The Colleges work to raise money for various charities and support the local community; students will earn reward points throughout the school year by excelling in classroom work and in extra-curricular options afterschool each night. 

Students work both individually and as a team in order to try to be the most successful College each year.  The Colleges also work within both the local and national community to help charities.  Students have in the past supported Children in Need, Operation Christmas Child, Hampers for the Elderly, as well as gaining the accolade of being in one of the top School Fundraisers for Comic Relief in the UK.

‘Winner of the Colleges Cup’ is presented at the end of the year when all of the points are added up.