Mrs Lorna Deakin Principal Head of School
Mrs Sarah Forbes Vice Principal Curriculum
Mr Ian Nock Vice Principal Outcomes
Mrs Wendy Woodman Vice Principal Teaching & Learning, Behaviour & Welfare
Mr Andy Ames Assistant Principal Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare
Mr Nathan Bennett Assistant Principal Outcomes Key Stage 3 & Pupil Premium
Miss Kerry Maughan Assistant Principal Outcomes Key Stage 5
Mr Ceri Owens Assistant Principal Careers Leader & Educational Visits Leader
Mrs Pauline Riddle School Business Manager Health & Safety, Premises  & Support Staff

Our Directors of Learning promote the highest standards of pupil behaviour, attainment and attitudes within the Year Group.  They are responsible for monitoring pupil progress and development of pupils in the Year Group and liaise with other staff when interventions are needed.  They also monitor pupil attendance within the year group and promote good attendance and punctuality.

Miss Jennifer Russell  Director of Transition
Mr Matthew Delo Year 7
Mr Joseph Knott  Year 8
Mrs Joanne Owens Year 9
Mr Tom Brazier Year 10
Mrs Sarah Cooper Year 11
Mrs Jayne Millington Years 12 and 13

Student Reception is the main administrative hub for all students from Years 7 to 11.  Staffed by qualified first aiders with pastoral care responsibility, students come here if they feel unwell, need to speak with a member of the specialist team or are being collected from school early for a medical or other appointment. It provides a ‘time out’ area for pupils who need a little break or a quiet corner for a teacher to have a chat with a student in an informal setting.

Mrs Emma Hale Designated Safeguarding Lead / Lead Medical Officer
Mrs Jackie Henderson Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/ School Counsellor
Miss Zoe Garbett Intervention Co-ordinator
Mrs Lydia Gardner  Intervention Co-ordinator
Mrs Julia Mullard  Intervention Co-ordinator
Ms Pat Roberts Safer Schools Officer / Police Community Support Officer / West Midlands Policing Team
Mr Oliver Wall  Intervention Co-ordinator
Miss Kirby Adlington Science
Mr Andrew Ames Science
Mrs Sally Ames Science
Mr Philip Anthony Mathematics
Mrs Claire Ayers Health, Hospitality & Food
Mr James Baker Head of Physical Education
Mrs Holly Baraks Business Studies
Mrs Georgina Baxter Design & Technology
Mr Alan Bennett Mathematics
Mr Nathan Bennett Physical Education & Business Studies
Mrs Baneesha Bhatoe Head of Business Studies
Mr Tom Brazier Science
Mrs Nicola Brindley Art
Mrs Emily Candlish English
Mrs Wendy Cavendish Mathematics
Miss Lauren Cherrington Geography
Mrs Alyson Clarke Learning Manager
Mr Paul Colburn Design & Technology
Miss Jody Colclough English
Mrs Jayne Colley Reading Intervention Manager
Mrs Natalie Connelly Art
Mrs Sarah Cooper Physical Education
Mrs Jess Cortis Health, Hospitality & Food
Ms Sian Currier Science
Mrs Eleanor Davies English
Mr Matthew Delo Physical Education
Miss Paige Derrick English
Mrs Claire Duffell Physical Education / Assistant SENCO
Mrs Joslyn Finch Geography
Mr Mark Finlay Music
Miss Hannah Fletcher Art
Mrs Amy Frenzel History
Mrs Charlotte Gallagher Science
Miss Sarah Giles English
Mrs Charlotte Goode Computer Science
Mrs Nathalie Gotting Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Ian Griffiths English
Mrs Elizabeth Grove Mathematics
Ms Sinead Guppy Head of Humanities
Mrs Charlotte Haile Additional Education Needs
Mrs Lorraine Hammond Physical Education
Mrs Katherine Hands Science / Teacher Development Leader
Mrs Melodie Harmer Religious Studies / Philosophy & Ethics
Miss Holly Harwood English
Mr Richard Higginson Mathematics
Mrs Sharon Hinds Mathematics
Mr Peter Holland English
Mrs Antje Jäger-Jones Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Natalie Jones Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Rebecca Jones English
Mrs Susan Laffey Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Emma Knight Mathematics
Mr Joe Knott Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Nikki Maclure Music
Miss Kerry Maughan Physical Education
Mrs Catherine Middleton Design & Technology
Mr Dan Middleton Science
Miss Sara Miles Mathematics
Mrs Jane Millington Key Stage 5 Leader
Mr Luke Moffat Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Natasza Mumby English
Mr Ian Nock Mathematics
Mrs Tracey O’Dea Art
Mr Ceri Owens History
Mrs Joanne Owens Business Studies
Miss Lily Page Performing Arts
Mr Chris Parry History
Mrs Sue Partridge Science
Mr Elliot Payne Health, Hospitality & Food
Mr Matthew Pearson Sociology
Mrs Karen Perks Mathematics
Mr Conor Phillips English
Mrs Nicola Poole KS 5 Science Leader
Ms Joanne Powell English
Mrs Michelle Preece Science
Miss Jennie Prosser Science
Miss Victoria Radio Physical Education
Mr Dave Richards Physical Education
Mrs Lisa Rose Performing Arts
Mrs Tracy Round Additional Educational Needs
Mr James Rowe Science
Miss Jennifer Russell Physical Education
Miss Eleanor Shaw English
Dr Paul Steele Science
Miss Gemma Steward Physical Education
Mr Ross Unitt Geography
Mr Mark Wakefield Physical Education/Mathematics
Mrs Karen Walker Computer Science
Mr Nicholas Watts Mathematics
Mrs Zoe Weatherley Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Donna Webley Mathematics
Mr Stephen Williams Mathematics
Mr Paul Barker Design & Technology Technician
Mr Richard Berry Site Manager
Mrs Jennifer Blackford Data Manager
Miss Faye Bradley PE Technician
Mrs Karen Bridle VIth Form Cook
Mrs Gillian Brown VIth Form Student Support Manager
Mrs Alyson Clarke Learning Manager
Mrs Lucy Cooper Learning Manager
Mrs Victoria Davis Kitchen Manager
Mr William Downes Site Assistant – Casual
Miss Natasha Gill Attendance Administrator
Miss Charlotte Gale Learning Support Assistant
Miss Zoe Garbett Student Support Co-ordinator
Mrs Debbie Gough HHF Technician
Mrs Emma Hale Designated Safeguarding Lead /Lead Medical Officer
Mrs Rebecca Hall Attendance Welfare Officer
Ms Rebecca Hallbrook Cover Supervisor
Mrs Stacey Hannon Examinations Officer’s Assistant
Mrs Lucy Harper Data Analyst
Mrs Jackie Henderson School Counsellor / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Thomas Higgins Site Assistant
Mrs Amanda Holford Community Liaison Officer / Work Experience Coordinator
Mrs Shirley Ireson Office Administrator
Ms Rachel Kelly Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Eileen King Learning Support Assistant LLC
Mrs Debbie Lewis Learning Support Assistant
Ms Bridget Mann ContinU Collaborative Careers Officer
Mrs Jane Martin Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Lindsay Moore Cleaning Manager
Mrs Julia Mullard Pupil Premium Officer
Mrs Bev Priest Cover Officer & Exams Assistant
Mrs Pauline Riddle School Business Manager
Ms Milka Russell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Kim Simmance Receptionist P/T
Mrs Anne Stewart SEN Administrator
Mrs Jackie Stokes Receptionist / Reprographics P/T
Mrs Lisa Taylor Principal’s P.A.
Mrs Susan Thom Science Technician – Senior
Mrs Dawn Waldron Resources & Independent Learning Assistant
Mrs Jill Walker Exams Manager, Cover Assistant & Clerk to Governors
Mrs Sharon Washbrook Learning Support Assistant
Miss Susan Westcott HHF Technician
Mr Oliver Wall Intervention Co-ordinator
Mrs Clare Whale Office Manager / School Uniform Co-ordinator
Miss Kate Wragg Art Technician