Name Role
Mr Jon Sheers School Principal
Mrs S Forbes Vice Principal – Quality of Education
Ms K Maughan Director of Student Services – Pastoral and Student Support
Mr A McLean Vice Principal – Personal Development
Mrs J Millington Assistant Principal – Director of KS5 and Careers
Mrs C Haile Assistant Principal – SENDCo
Mrs E Hale Assistant Principal – Safeguarding and DSL
Mrs K Hands Trust Seconded Assistant Principal – Leadership and wellbeing
Mrs S Peace Trust Seconded Vice Principal – School improvement
Mrs M Harmer Extended Leadership – Teaching and Learning
Miss J Colclough Extended Leadership – Staff subject development and literacy
Miss J Prosser Extended Leadership – Quality of Education – KS4
Mrs M Parton Extended Leadership – Quality of Education – KS3
Name Subject
Mrs K Adlington Psychology
Mr J Baker Physical Education
Mrs H Baraks Business Studies
Mrs N Brindley Art
Miss J Colclough English
Miss C Dimmock Information Technology
Mrs A Frenzel History
Mrs M Harmer Religious Education
Mr R Higginson Mathematics
Mrs A Jager-Jones German
Miss N Maclure Music (Acting)
Mrs C Middleton Design and Technology
Mr L Moffat French and Spanish
Miss L Page Drama and Dance
Dr P Steele Science
Mr R Unitt Geography
Name Year Group
Ms J Russell Transition lead
Mr T Brazier Year 7
Mrs S Cooper Year 8
Mr M Delo Year 9
Mr J Knott Year 10
Mr A Ames Year 11
Name Role
Mrs E Hale Designated Safeguarding Lead and Asst. Principal Pastoral
Mrs L Gardner Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Pastoral Support Coordinator
Mr O Wall Pastoral Support Coordinator
Miss L Turner Pastoral Support Coordinator
Mrs R Hall Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Educational Welfare Officer
Ms D Webley Attendance Administrator
Ms P Roberts PCSO and Safer Schools Officer