About us


We pride ourselves on playing a significant role in helping all students develop their character and in their growth into well-rounded, confident and honest young people.

Our Values

We place great importance on maintaining the highest standards, providing high quality teaching and learning and an educational environment that encourages students to become independent, resourceful and creative learners. Learning never stops and we recognise that regardless of the careers our students follow, they will continually need to adapt and improve. Our students are entering into a world which is ‘global’, fast-paced and ever-changing. Whilst qualifications open doors, it is their transferable learning skills which will ensure their success and enable them to have the very best chances in life Vision For every student to be the best that they can be. Values Culture; cultivating resilient leaders with ambition, optimism, aspiration and a ‘will do’ attitude Community; sharing and celebrating our successes with respect, empathy and kindness Commitment; supporting, nurturing, guiding and challenging each other through high expectations

Aims: our learners are inspired to:

  • Take ownership of their own learning to push their comfort zone.
  • Master learning through production, questioning, reviewing, evaluation and refining.
  • Grow determination and resilience by reflecting on individual challenges and character strengths.
  • Experience a broad and balanced curriculum to encourage and inspire individual abilities and talents.
  • Embrace a range of experiences beyond the classroom.

Parent Code of Conduct

We receive a wide variety of visitors into school, some of these are expected and some not.  Therefore, we have formalised the protocol for visitors in order to establish clear guidance which will help us to deal with everyone appropriately.  This protocol can be found below:

Parent Code of Conduct

                                                                      Carpe Diem “Be the best version of yourself that you can be”


                                                                         Determination      Initiative      Respect      Self-Regulation