About us


We are proud to welcome you to The Stourport High School and VIth Form College.

Thank you for your interest in our school and for taking the time to find out more about us.

The SHS Way

At Stourport High School, we pride ourselves on playing a significant role in helping all students develop their character and in their growth into well-rounded, confident and honest young people who will flourish. This is captured best in our motto ‘Carpe Diem’ – seize the day to be the best that you can be.

At Stourport High School and VIth Form College we work hard to ensure that the four core values that best define our aims are Determination, Initiative, Respect and Self-Regulation. Every decision we take is made using these values. We expect all staff to exhibit them and use them in decision-making. We encourage all young people, and their families, to work within these values.

These core values enable us to:

· be a happy school that cares and supports each other

· ensure all students develop their character and grow into well-rounded, confident and honest young people.

· enable students to have the very best chances in life and to be the best that they can be.

· cultivate resilient leaders with determination, optimism, aspiration and a ‘will do’ attitude

· promote self-respect and respect for others and their views

· model life-long learning and self-development

· inspire our students through a varied and balanced curriculum

· celebrate our successes and achievements at every opportunity

· establish excellent relationships between school and home

· encourage interest and involvement of parents, carers, governors, Severn Academies Educational Trust, industry, commerce and community in the life of our school

· promote opportunities to access careers’ advice and workplace opportunities

· provide opportunities for students to actively engage with our community and prepare for global citizenship

· recognise our students as individuals with individual dreams

· ensure equality for all

We hope that you enjoy reading more about us and, should you wish to contact us and see for yourself, we would be delighted to offer you a warm welcome.